Caring for Creation

  • When you send your Spirit,
  • they are created,
  • and you renew
  • the face of the earth

The Caring for Creation Ministry started with the development of native-plant gardens in 2015. It has since grown to include other areas of stewardship having to do with using natural resources responsibly. In all that we do, we seek to honor God's creation and respect the needs of those whose lives are most affected by our use of resources. For these efforts, Trinity has been recognized as an Earth Care Congregation (a PCUSA designation) since 2017.

The Presbyterian Church, USA recognizes congregations whose mission includes a focus on environmental stewardship. Earth Care Congregation status recognizes that a congregation keeps environmental concerns at a forefront in four areas: Worship, Education, Facilities, and Outreach. Congregations are then asked to envision how they will 'up the ante' in each of those areas in the coming year. Learn more about Presbyterian Mission's Earth Care Congregations.

Beginning in 2018, we reached out to the larger environmental community via local faith-based environmental groups, forming a loose network we called the Earth Care Consortium. Together with these groups and individuals, we support each other in environmental stewardship, outreach, and activism. We've also found it useful to get involved with faith-based environmental groups that work statewide and nationally. Learn more about some of these partners below.

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